Juri Manase

Date of Birth: January 1, 1975
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 5'4'' (164cm)
Weight: 105lbs (48kg)
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Nickname: Julie
Juri Manase, her facial expressions show wealth of individuality.

Special Skills

Japanese Sword-Action 'Tate' / Japanese Classical Dance 'Nihonbuyou' / Ballet / Piano / Swimming / Skiing / Horseback Riding / Scuba Diving (PADI) / Basketball / Volleyball / Japanese Calligraphy 'Syodou' / Sword-Action Choreography / Dance Choreography among others...


Juri Manase was born in 1975 in Tokyo to two famous Japanese actors. She often visited her parents on sets and stages from an early age. At 5, she had already decided to become an actor. As a child, she was actively involved in a range of pursuits, including classical ballet, piano, classical Japanese dance, swimming, skiing, violin, and voice training, in order to develop a variety of skills that might help her acting career.

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